Horses are some of the finest creatures this planet has to offer. When owning a horse, it could be quite complicated. From feeding to training these strong animals, there’s much to do to keep us busy. But how should horses be accommodated in living? Are there different ways to provide a horse with a good place to sleep, and sufficient room to move around? Absolutely!

When it comes to horse stalls, there are of course different types that can be provided for your horse. Also, accessories come into play when designing this unique type of home. However, the one thing that is truly unique about a horse stall is the type of bedding. The following are the different types of bedding available. 

Straw Bedded Horse Stall

Straw is the most common type of horse bedding, and it is very cheap as well. Throughout history, horse owners have been using straw, and it has certainly stood the test of time.

Straw is good because as mentioned, it is very cheap, and it also does not accumulate dust, which is good for cleanliness and sanitation in a horse’s stall. It is very eco-friendly and if needed you can very easily discard it. It is also very absorbent, making urine management quick simple.

Wood Shavings Bedded Horse Stall

Wood shavings are also a viable option to line your horse stall with bedding, yet there are some disadvantages that come with it as well.  If a horse is habitually eating its beddings, such as straw, then this could be a very good replacement. These types of bedding are widely available, however one must be cautious of some shavings, because low quality beddings could cause harm to a horse. Splinters could come easily if not chosen correctly. 

Rubber Mat Bedded Horse Stall 

If you own a race horse, this might be the best option. Although very tough to maintain due to lack of absorption, rubber matted stalls are great for horses legs and limbs, keeping them fresh, uninjured and ready to race. It’s best to add some type of absorption material to these types of stalls. 

Hemp Bedded Horse Stall 

Another option of better quality is hemp. Hemp has all the advantages but they come at a price. Hemp is highly competitive economically, but if you have the cash it will pay off. With hemp being eco-friendly, dust free, and offering high absorption, it is a very solid option if you truly care for your horse. 

Paper Bedded Horse Stall 

If you really need a thrifty option for your horse stall, then you can go the paper route (no pun intended). Paper can be anything from newspaper shreddings to cardboard, and of course it is very accessible. Again, this is a good option for your horse if it is one that eats bedding often. Also, it is tough for paper to collect dust. 

So those are some of the main variations of horse stalls you can consider. There are many options out there and it’s always best to gauge the type of horse you are caring for before you make a final, long term decision. Good luck!